Becoming an Overnight Sensation

I admit that I am a huge Robin Sharma fan.  Years ago I stumbled upon his blog, downloaded a few articles, and purchased his bestselling book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.  Sharma is a business coach/leadership guru and best-selling author (The Leader Who Had No Title is his latest book – highly recommend).  In […]

Teaching Creativity Through Improvisation

Teaching Creativity Through Improvisation It would seem odd that a music educator would say to a student, “be creative”.  Isn’t that what music performance is about, being creative?  Yes and no.  The answer to this question lies in your definition of creativity.  Is creativity the ability to create something that no one else has done […]

Washers, Dryers, and Music Education

My wife and I purchased our first washer and dryer from funds we received from wedding gifts.  This was one of the first, and biggest, declamations we made as we moved into marital bliss, “we are officially married folk”.  We were thinking that this would be great way to spend our wedding gifts.  My father-in-law […]


On a recent trip to San Francisco I read Chip and Dan Heath’s book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard.  This is a great book on the different aspects of change and our response to change.  One element that struck me is that often times in my teaching I view problems as […]


Welcome to the new site.  Here you will find my thoughts on the guitar, all aspects.  One of my main focuses for this new site is to provide consistent, new content on teaching the guitar.  Feel free to submit comments and ask questions related to the guitar.