Fingernail Care Tip


For a guitarist, fingernails can be an Achilles heel. Nails are important in shaping the guitarist’s sound. Most guitarists that I know say they have been blessed with “good, strong nails” or “nails that are like paper”. Each of us has a unique approach to nail care and shape.

The portion of the nail that we shape and polish to perfection is actually comprised of dead cells, largely consisting of keratin. What I have found over the years is that these dead cells often become dry and brittle. When nails are dry and brittle they are prone to break and do not produce the tone I want from my instrument. Washing your hands can cause your nails to dry out, as well as living in areas where humidity is low.


One thing that works for me in reducing nail dryness is the daily use of hand cream or lotion. I place a dime-sized drop of hand cream on the back of my hands and work this into the nail and nail bed. I also work the moisturizer into tips of the fingers, as I feel this reduces noise on the bass strings. Any hand moisturizer works for me, though I prefer those that are designed for men.

What is a nail care tip that has worked for you?



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