Guitar for Music Educators Course

Today I have launched my first course on Udemy, Guitar for Music Educators. Over the past 5-6yrs I have researched and worked with music educators about guitar programs in secondary education. What I have discovered is music educators that desire to start a program lack the fundamental skills and knowledge to do so. This is no fault of their own. In music education undergraduate curriculum, these students were not given the opportunity to learn the guitar. Instead, future music educators were taught how to play every other instrument they might encounter – woodwind techniques, string techniques, brass techniques, percussion techniques – but not an instrument that has the potential to bring in the musical “outliers”. 

This course was designed to teach the music educator how to play the instrument and provide language for how to teach others. I deliberately designed the course to develop skills and knowledge that could lead students into playing classical music, popular music, improvise, and jamming. A guitar course should not be a one-semester course. Instead, the guitar should be viewed as a holistic option in music education. An option that can develop musicianship in students and meet state standards for music education.

Udemy is a platform that allows the user to view the videos over and over again, forever. There is no time or view limit to the content. The course is available as long as you want it to be. Handouts accompany the lecture videos and can be used as the basis of your starting curriculum. 

I plan on utilizing this platform in the future as I release videos that speak more specifically to certain aspects of teaching the guitar in a class-based environment. 


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