Adding a Moving Line to a Chord

October 15, 2012


One of the things that can be boring about playing acoustic guitar is having to “hang” on one chord for a long period of time. You can create interest in a static chord by playing with a creative strumming pattern. Not a bad idea. Another way of creating interest is to add a moving line. If you watch a piano player play a static chord they will most likely not hit the chord in a “strumming”-like but create moving lines within the chord. That’s what I think is interesting as a guitarist playing a static chord. Moving a voice around. Here are two videos I did around this concept. Below the videos are two chord diagrams that illustrate the point further.

G Chord with Pentatonic Scale Lines

G Chord with Major Scale Lines

G Chord with Pentatonic Scale

G Chord with Major Scale

What are some other ways you create interest in your chord playing?

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