When Opportunity Knocks

September 24, 2012


NFL replacement officials have been getting a lot of heat for their calls – or lack there of. These officials are from the college ranks, and not even the elite ranks at that. One thing that strikes me is their lack of knowledge about NFL rules. I understand that these referees are not used to the speed of the NFL game, the star power on the field and sidelines. I can forgive a blown call of pass interference or two. Basic understanding of NFL rules is what boggles my mind.

“When opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare” – Coach Wooden

College football rules are not NFL rules, they are different. It was projected for a while that the NFL would be using replacement officials for a minimum of the preseason and the first few games of the regular season. Replacement officials missed failed to prepare for the opportunity.

When rumblings of replacement officials began these referees should have started preparing. Not knowing whether or not they would be called on to officiate is a moot point, they should have prepared anyway. I believe if these officials would have started preparing before the call/opportunity knocked we would see better officiating on the field.

Coach Wooden’s statement on opportunity is spot on. We must prepare for opportunity now. In the dark hours of the morning when no one else is awake, prepare. Late at night when you want to veg out in front of the TV, prepare. When you have a canceled meeting, prepare. Every free moment you have or can create is a moment that we can use to prepare for the opportunity to come. Opportunity will come, by the way.

Christopher Parkening recalled a time when Segovia called on him to play for his wife in one of his storied masterclasses. Parkening was not scheduled to play that day, had not warmed up, had not tuned his guitar, had not chosen a piece to perform. Segovia presented an opportunity for Parkening to play for his wife, opportunity and an honor. Christopher embraced the challenge and delivered. He was prepared. Opportunity knocked and he was ready to knock it out of the park.

We too must prepare to play at the highest levels. So that when we have our shot we can succeed. Prepare today for the opportunity that will come tomorrow. When the opportunity comes you will be ready to deliver.

How are you preparing for opportunity?


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