New Guitar

February 27, 2012


I just acquired a 2012 Hill Signature Spruce guitar. This guitar is one of the newer evolutions in guitar construction. It is a double-top, Spruce over Cedar, latticed braced, elevated fingerboard canon.

Double-top guitar construction was developed in the 1980s by Dammann. Utilizing Nomex between two guitar tops gives the luthier the opportunity to fashion an extremely thin top that is also stiff. A thin top transfers energy better and a stiff top provides better stability, decreasing the need for additional bracing. This gives the guitar a louder sound with more sustain, two things greatly needed on classical guitars.

The Hill also features lattice bracing. Lattice bracing comes from the Australian luthier Greg Smallman. This type of bracing is more flexible than the traditional fan and strut system, enhancing the guitars projection and sustain.

Two additional features of the Hill are sound ports, allowing more air to circulate through the guitar, and an elevated fingerboard.

With a new guitar comes a new case. I have acquired a BAM high-tech classical guitar case. These are durable cases made with an ABS skin, the same material used in canoe construction, resulting in a case that provides excellent protection for my new guitar.

Special thanks to Rich Sayage at for working with me on acquiring this guitar.



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