Where is My Chair?

What do you do when the chair you are working to occupy is no longer there? I mean gone, not missing. The disappearing liberal arts curriculum is a bit unsettling. STEM disciplines are being heralded as the be-all end-all, as this is where the jobs are. We need to be training students for the job […]

Feedback Through Soundcloud

Consistent feedback is one of the markers of great teaching. Most private music instructors have a limited amount of time with a student each week. A half-hour or hour lesson with a student, once a week, does not provide multiple checkpoints in a week a student could use to deepen their understanding of a piece […]

Preparing for Music Studies

I’m frequently asked by students what they should do to prepare for their first semester of music studies. It seems most people understand how demanding it can be to earn a degree in music. Prospective students want to make sure they have the proper foundation in music in order to be successful. So, if you […]